Monday, April 1, 2013

Fifth Week in Chile

¡Hola Familia!

This week was cray cray. So many different emotions siempre (always). I am pretty sure cada semana (every week) is going to be like this... But I am okay with that. I learn so much about myself. I realize changes that I need to make in order be the best missionary Heavenly Father wants me to be.

After having that amazing experience with Marcia, we went and visited her a couple days later. She opened the door and there she was with another one of her 'amigas' from her old church, and was smoking a cigarette. Freak! My heart dropped. She looked so dark and lost. Hermana Garcia and I both agreed it was time to drop her. It was so hard after all the lessons and times she came to church, Relief Society activities, etc. Gah! But we know that we did all that we could. It's now up to her to decide what she wants to do with the things that we've taught her.

Ramon and Nivaldo are continuing to progress! Nivaldo is so good about motivating Ramon. Unfortunately, they asked their dad if they could get baptized on the 8th and he said no. He then left out of town for work and won't be back until the end of the month....Nivaldo is so strong. He has so much faith that his dad will say "yes" when he gets back and says that this time is going to help better prepare his brother for his baptism. We had another amazing FHE on the Atonement this week for Easter. It was so incredible. We enjoyed playing Hide the Thimble and Uno after that.   :)

Natali y Sebastian....Sebastian worked all week so we were only able to meet with Natali once this week. She is very interested and we are meeting with them later today. I have faith in them!

Saturday was the day where all of our appointments cancelled, no wanted to listen to us and we walked...and walked....and walked....We were still in a great mood all day. Just laughin' and being goofs. We finally prayed that we could find someone to teach and lo and behold, five minutes later, this DARLING 18 year old boy, Yerko, yelled for us across the street. He ran over, with the biggest smile on his face and asked "YOU ARE THE MORMONS, RIGHT?!!! I have been trying to find you forever! I keep having dreams about your church and know there is something special about you. Can you teach me more?! I want you to teach me more about your church!" hahaha he was so excited to find us, we could barely get a word in. We met with him last night and it was SO GOOD. This kid was preordained. I'm not even kidding. He knew right off the bat that everything we taught was true. Oh my gosh. And when we recited the first vision to him he was in pure Awh. "Oh yeah. tractor beam. Sucked me right in. Anyway. She left this in the terminal and flew to Aspen and out of my life...." name that movie.....Anyway....We asked him if he wanted to get baptized and he said Of Course! BUT OF COURSE HE LEFT FOR WORK TODAY AND WONT BE BACK FOR THREE MONTHS! We are contacting the missionaries where he works and they are going to teach him. I just have the strongest testimony of this Church. Heavenly Father knows what he is doing. God is good. I am nothing as a missionary without him and the spirit. 

I won't even talk about the language. I am going to trust Aunt Katie's advice and just let Heavenly Father let me teach with what I know. I still have 15 months to master it...So I stopped worrying so much and simply pray everyday to do my best. 

Mama, how is your toe? Hermana Garcia and I prayed lots for you. 
Dad, thanks for your email :) I'll be sure to make a great lesson out of it.
Tay, good luck with the ACT. I had a dream about you laughing at my shoulder this week....Yeah, I told you I had freaking weird dreams here. But it was good to hear your cute laugh. I love you! :)

Becca, hey. I am your oldest sister. And I love you. Are you destroying my room? That's fine. I'm over it.
Cam, CONGRATS ON THE PRIESTHOOD DUDE! I wish that I could have been here on Sunday. It sounded like an amazing day. I am proud of you and the decisions you are making. Did you get my birthday package yet?
Jer And Tina....Hi :)

Okay. I am good. I am happy. Thank you for your prayers, love and support. Everything. I missed you all on Easter but loved learning about The Atonement and how we are all going to be together forever. No Empty Chairs :) Tell Grandma Barton I got her letter this week! She is amazing!

Thanks for everything! 
Have a beautiful week! 
Keep praying that I can speak this language! 
Love you all!!!

Hermana Pendleton

ps...just looked at the pictures you sent me! You all are so beautiful. I cried with happiness because I am so thankful for all of you. Cam, you freaking stud, you. 

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