Monday, April 15, 2013


I always knew God had a sense of humor....
but I didn't think he was this funny.

In Zone Conference a couple weeks ago, President Kahnlein pulled me aside and asked me how things were going in La Serena. Of course, I wanted to respond by saying, "My companion is doing a great job in La Serena, but I am doing an even better job of following her everywhere she goes and making a fool out of myself every time I talk."

Instead I simply said, "President, things in La Serena are absolutely wonderful!" 
 He told me that I would be staying in La Serena and that I needed to make sure I knew the area really well. 
He then asked me, "Hermana, I know you have a lot of faith and work hard.....So just remember, I have lots of faith in you for the next change. Prepare yourself."  

Well, now I am TRAINING!  The Bros always told me I would shart my pants in the mission from the food....but that comment got me way before any burrito. 

[As Hermana Pendleton's mother, let me apologize right here and now for the crude comment my daughter just made.  : / Although, it is pretty funny, if I do say so myself.]

I am now 3 for 3 on amazing companions! My companion, Hermana Calderon, entered the MTC in March and has been here, in Chile, the same amount of time as I have. God bless her first Trainer´s heart, because she didn´t teach my companion ANYTHING. Hermana Calderon is from Columbia, speaks absolutely no English, wears a 1980´s retainer so you literally can´t understand ANYTHING she says and knows nothing about the carpeta (the area book/investigators history/etc.) 

To say the least, this has been one of the funniest weeks of my life. I am stoked for this opportunity to put ALL my faith in The Lord. Seriously, I´ve never had so much faith in my life....I asked you to pray for me before; now is the time to beg!

Even with our language barrier, we have become the best of friends in the last couple of days. She has a heart of gold. It´s impossible not to love this girl. She weighs 85 pounds and is about the same height as Tay Tay. I am pretty sure the only reason people are letting us in their homes is because they feel so bad for us. 
Wouldn´t you let a couple of girls into your home, one who looks like she´s 12 and a gringa who speaks horrible Español, and let them talk to you about Jesucristo? I know I sure would, out of pure pity. In a sense, I think our current situation is a total blessing. We make people smile and simply do our best to teach the lessons.

It has been good for me and my Español. I talked to one of the Assistants on the phone this morning and when I hung up, I realized that was the first time I´d spoken any English in the last couple of days. That was kind of a cool feeling. I can definitely see progress in the language and know this is what I need. 

The Zone Leaders called last night and told me they were proud of me for staying so strong. They said, in a meeting last week with the President and Zone Leaders, President Kahnlein specifically brought up Hermana Calderon and I and how he thinks our companionship is going to be very successful because of our faith and hard work in La Serena....That´s always gotta make you feel good about yourself :)  

Every time I stop and think about my situation, or start to feel bad for all the things that I don´t know. Then, I realize how absolutely blessed I am that Heavenly Father has this much trust in me....and instead of crying, I laugh. I have to laugh because as of right now, I have no time to feel bad for myself. And that is something I am happy to learn. 

I am so happy that I get to be in La Serena because of the ward. I bore my testimony in church yesterday.  As I stood up there and looked at everyone, I felt the same way that I did at my farewell. I wanted to go around and hug every single person and tell them how much I love them. They have been so good at helping me feel comfortable, having patience with my Español and are always willing to open their house to our investigators. Brillador Ward is the best! I could stay here for the next 15 months.

Where does the time go??

I am still sick (with stomach issues). I have never gotten better since the MTC. Then, this week, I had the worst cough of my life. I had to get an inhaler because my cough was so bad that I couldn't breath afterward. My companion and I hadn´t slept in almost 4 days because I would just cough and cough and cough all night. Kill me. My poor companion hates me. I know it.

Ramon and Nibaldo´s dad returns from work on Thursday. We are going to talk him into letting those two get baptized...AND THEN we are going to baptize HIM. Those boys say that is impossible...but I can´t wait to show them up. We have taught them everything so now we are meeting with them 3 times a week to read The  Book of Mormon with them and keep their spirits high!

We were finally able to teach Natali and Sebastian TOGETHER on Friday. It was the first lesson we had with Sebastian because he is always at work or school. We taught Lesson 1, The Restoration, and the whole time we were all thinking he was not into any of it. He showed no emotion and wasn´t asking any questions. When we finished we asked him if he had any questions, doubts, concerns....anything......he responded, 
"Don´t Mormons have family home evening once a week? I want to have a family home evening."

:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) hi. 

It was amazing! We then planned to have a big family home evening on Saturday night and of course, welcome to Chile, they weren´t at their house. We passed by yesterday to get mad at them and they apologized and asked to reschedule for tonight (Monday). So pray for our FHE with them. 

We have found a couple other amazing peoples this week that we´ve only taught once or twice; but we have lots of cita´s this week. This week is going to be lots and lots of hard work, finding and contacting. I know Hermana Calderon and I are going to rock it up here in La Serena this cambio. 

Can I just say how excited I am TO BE AN AUNT!?!  Seriously. In every prayer, I never forget to pray for my nephew! (I received personal revelation that it´s going to be a boy - hehe)....He will be the perfect age when I get home...8 months, right? So perfect!

Okay. I love you all.

Thanks for your support. Be Good. Be Happy. And remember how much this girl loves all of you!

xoxoxoxoxox  AUNT KATHY  xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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