Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happiness is only real when shared.

Imperial Beach, baby!

Wow! What a busy week! I don't know how you and dad do it every single day, week after week, month after month! I am so jealous you got to go to that concert! Paul Cardall is one of my LDS favorites. What a neat opportunity to meet both Josh Wright and Brother Cardall after the concert!

I'm sure those who visited this week were truly grateful for your love, time and counsel. You and dad really are great missionaries in the sense that you follow the promptings of the spirit in all that you two do and say. Something that I really enjoy is getting to know other people through helping them in ways like you did. I love asking questions to try and figure out why people are the way they are. 

Pink mustaches in honor of Uncle Dick.
Hermana Kelemen loves stories about him.
This week, our district took the color test. With every one's results, each person had a dominant color and a secondary color. After being together as a district for a transfer, it was fairly easy to guess every one's dominant color--but it was interesting to see how off we were at guessing every one's secondary color. Except for me.... :/ I think it's fairly easy to see the Blue/Yellow in me.

A lot of times, people don't show or express how they're really feeling or what they're really thinking.  Almost every time I share with someone new that I struggle with depression and anxiety--almost always--their first reaction is "I would have never guessed!". There is nothing more frustrating than the term, "I can't. I have depression." I don't want to EVER use that as an excuse to not be able to do something.  I still don't necessarily feel that I've 100% accept it. I don't want others to see that side so I let the yellow side of me shine and the blue part of me serve and lift others. It's a matter of learning to accept it and live with it. [And that means getting help if needed.]

Here in California, I feel like the goals are more focused on getting to know your investigators...Really trying to find what it is that they need to progress and have that desire to read, pray, come to church, keep the commandments....AND THEN, baptism. In Chile, all I ever heard was baptism, baptism, baptism. Sure, the number of baptisms were higher in Chile, but it's incredible to see the difference in retention here in San Diego.

With my dear friend, Hermana McBride.
I have such a more personable relationship with my investigators and the members here. It's easy to see their dominant color just by knowing them--but it's amazing to see their secondary colors come out as we ask them questions directed by the spirit. We find doubts, fears and concerns that we never would have guessed were there.

In my patriarchal blessing it says, "I bless you with the ability to create beauty for others. As you reach out to help others, you will also be lifted. It will be important that you bless the lonely, sad, disaffected, hungry, cold and tortured. These are they were have reason to believe that there is no God." I know, that as a representative of Jesus Christ, I can help reassure these people that they are loved by ME and a loving Father in Heaven. I see the promised blessings of myself being lifted as I truly get to know and love the people here. I forget about myself and feel happier when I can see others progressing and receiving the blessings of heaven.

Whether someone is a yellow, white, red, or blue, all anyone wants is to feel is love and acceptance. With an understanding of this gospel and the plan of salvation, our love for those around us increases when we remember that we really are all children of God. Another thing that I've learned this transfer is...Treat others the way THEY would like to be treated. When we really take the time to get to know those around us, the things they need to feel loved, important, and accepted will be known unto us and we will develop more Christ-like attributes and be more accepting of ourselves.

"A new commandment I give unto you, that ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, 
if ye have love one to another." 
John 13:34-35.

This week was great! We finally got to spend lots of time with Socorro (who came to church with her husband and is getting baptized in March!!!!) and Areceli. We have still yet to see Sandra so if you can continue to keep praying for those three, that would be awesome! 

We got to go to Imperial Beach last week for p-day! SO fun to be out on the pier and enjoy a beautiful sunset over the ocean! Today we get to the amazing opportunity to go listen to Clayton Christensen give a conference to the entire San Diego Mission! Wahoo! Stoked! 

Life is soo good! I'm so thankful for all of you. Keep being amazing. Always remember how important you are. I'm cheering for y'all out here in Cali!!!! 

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!  Thanks for the package, Mama. I'm pretty sure you've sent me one almost every week! You ROCK! xoxo

Love love love,
Aunt Kath

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