Monday, September 9, 2013

You and your sister live in a lemon world...

Ensenado Joaquin Alquinto afueta su casa.

This week was a good, nice, simple week. I don't feel like I have that much to talk about....

Right now we have a lot of investigators but have only taught all of them two or three times so it's difficult to see who is progressing and who really wants to change their lives. Family Alquintais receiving so many blessings. Hermana Alquinta and her oldest son Martin both found work this week. It's so cool to promise our investigators that if they keep the commandments, they will be blessed.....and then to see those blessings come into their lives is such a testimony builder to me. 

Last week, we told Hermana Alquinta that if she keeps doing everything that she possibly can for her family, that she would be able to see Joaquin be baptized. She found out on Saturday that, starting in December, she will have 100% custody of Joaquin and he will be able to get baptized right before Christmas! He is the last of her kids to get baptized. Their goal is to start saving to go to the temple for next December. SOOO Cool. I love our Heavenly Father and how he is always blessing his children. The Gospel really does bless and strengthen families.

Hermana Hemorrhoid is back. Lots of diarrhea and lots of feelin' sick this week. I go to the doctor tomorrow. The missionary nurse thinks I'mma need a colonoscopy.....I would rather die. Everyone here is really forward and just says it how it is. I can't remember if this is too much information to share with people? :/ It's just who I am. Love me.

Although this week was a bit boring, we had a killer ending with a beautiful baptism yesterday. Javíera was SO happy and looked so beautiful. Almost the entire Branch came to support her and (another incredible blessing) her mom was able to make it! All of the members were so welcoming and afterward, she had a thousand questions. Javíera and her mom invited us to have Almuerzo with them this Sunday. Javí told us that she thinks that we will be able to start teaching her mom :) That would be a miracle in and of itself.  It's a wonderful time to be a missionary here in Coquimbo

Becca, I am excited to hear if you made the Nutcracker!
I don't doubt for a second that you are going to make it....
my guess is, you'll be Snow this year. Don't sweat it.

Tay Tay, hi. :) Keep being cute.

Cam, you darling little railroad track braces boy :)))) So cute! I sent you a letter this morning in the mail. Look for that.

Dad, Don't worry about not emailing this week.  Keep doing a great job at being awesome!

MAMA, I LOVE YOU. Thanks for all your love and support. 

Hermana KTPYO

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