Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Second Week in Chile

¨Put your dreams away for now. I won´t see you for some time. I am lost in my mind. I get lost in my mind. Mama once told me, you´re already home when you feel love. I am lost in my mind. I get lost in my mind.¨-The Head and the Heart

Holy crap! This was probably one of the hardest weeks of my entire life. Good Hard. Just really freaking hard. If I would have studied this much in college, I could have graduated in 2 years....¨Lots of people go to college for 8 years¨.....¨Yeah. They´re called doctors.¨ Hahah, every time I think of that quote, I think of me. I hate school. I think a lot about what I want to be when I grow up. This week I decided I want to go to hair school. (yeah, your thought process is freaking weird on the mission)...Well wait and see what I want to be at the end of this week. 

Fetcha=Dates. I got to ask three different people if they wanted to get baptized and yup. Here we go. We have 4 progressing investigators right now. One of them, we will probably have to drop. She is 17, has a 2 year old little boy and is pregnant with her second. Her mom hates the church so she is really hard to teach. I feel bad because I know that when we teach her, she feels the spirit every time. Gah, and with her situation, she needs it more than anything. 

Andree didn´t come to church this week. Which totally sucks because of how awesome our experience was with him last week. But two of our three investigators with a fetchas, Alex and Marcia, came to Stake Conference yesterday. WAHOO. Tamara is our other investigator.
I don´t have time to explain everyone's situation...but just know that things are going really well. It is amazing how badly I want these people to get baptized. I think and pray for them all the time. It gets me pumped to work as hard as I can to learn this language.

This week was soooper hard because I WANT TO LEARN THIS LANGUAGE MORE THAN ANYTHING. Ask anyone who knows anything about Chile and the first thing they will say is how fast people talk here. It´s all slang and they cut off half of their words. So nothing ever makes sense unless I tell them to talk ultra slow (which is just annoying for them and everyone else in the room). I can tell that I understand more and more everyday....slowly but surely. I am definitely learning patience and trusting on the Lord´s timing of everything. I just really want to bear MY testimony and say the words that I want to. Not the silly memorized testimony that I learned in the MTC. It´s hard not to be able to talk to the kids in the street or buy my own groceries without help. It´ll will come though, I know it will....I am totally blessed for having Hermana Garcia. That girl is bomb. It's so much easier when you're friends with your companion. And not only friends. We bond.

I seriously think about the WEIRDEST things here. I don´t even want to begin telling you about my dreams. I keep my journal and pen at the end of my bed and every night, for the past three nights, I have gotten the pen in my sleep and written ´Monster Blanket´on my hand. I guess my subconscious self really wants to make sure that you didn´t get rid of my monster blanket. If it wasn´t so big, I would ask you to send it. I really miss that guy. Remember you bought that for me on my first day of college. DONT GET RID OF HIM!

In addition to the weird hand writing thing at night, here is an example of my weird thought process when I go into a lesson: Okay Kath, really focus on what they are saying. You will do great this lesson....hmmm...I wonder what samples they are having at Costco today....I wonder what the barometric pressure difference is from Utah to Chile....hahaha Chelsea Howard is so freaking funny.....KATH FOCUS...Okay, they said ´Podemos´I know that word....Gah, I would kill for mom´s Sunday dinner right now....I wonder if Jana Watts is related to Janis Joplin. Not that they look alike..I just wonder...KATH FOCUS....¨ get the point.

No one here can say ´Pendleton´when they try and say it, it sounds like this ´Pen-lay-toon´....if they even get that far in my name. Most of the time it´s just ´ say....´So, the ward gave me a new nickname. Hermana Barbie. Oh, the nicknames I will have received by the end of the mission.

Everyone here loves me because I have blonde hair and am American. Well, the men do at least...So FLIRT TO CONVERT. Just kidding.... :/ kind of. There was a boy wearing a Metallica T-shirt so I told Hermana Garcia we needed to talk to him. I told him I grew up listening to Metallica. He and his friends didn´t believe me and told me to name three albums...I named five. Then his phone starting ringing and his ring tone was an Underoath song. I told him I knew Underoath as well. R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Yeah, after that, he and his friend both agreed to start reading The Book of Mormon and we get to go teach them later today! Sa-weeeet. 

Yesterday, all of our appointments canceled so Hermana Garcia and I were brainstorming on what we could do for the next 4 hours. We came up with a plan to go around to less-active members in the ward who had been married for some time and ask them to share their ´Love Story´with us; How the met, when they were baptized, their thoughts on eternal marriage and then leave them with a message on eternal families. IT WAS THE CUTEST. We would go in to a house, ask them how they met and by the end of the lesson they were either holding hands, had put their arms around each other or were touching in some way. I hope that it was a reminder to them about how important the family is--ESPECIALLY Eternal Marriage. We also talked a lot about the importance of the temple. It was just fun to see them fall back in love with each other. I think A LOT about getting married, my future family, what I want for them all the freaking time out here. I really want to get married STAT when I get home...I think.  :/   Who knows-we all know how weird I am with boyzzzz. 

Okay. My time is up. Mom and Dad, THANK YOU for the letters. I know life is so busy at home and you don´t have any extra time, so really, thank you. I love hearing the update on the family! I am sending Cam´s birthday package today so look for that. If anyone wants to write me, I suggest you send me DearElders. They are better than handwritten letters.

Thanks for all you do. I want every single one of you to go and read Ephesians 1:16 and remember this girl loves you so much.

Be Good. The Church is TRUE.

Love, Hermana Barbie

P.S. Tell Nanny and Jerry they were on my mind lots this week. 
P.P.S. Tell Mark Pugmire everyone in Chile hates my handshake because they say it´s ´too much of a man´s hand.´: )

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