Tuesday, March 5, 2013

First Day in Chile

With permission from Hermana Smith's (Katie's MTC companion's) mother, I've included a few details of their first day in Chile-complete with pictures and description from Hermana Smith. Thanks, Laura & Katelyn!

Not too bright, but certainly early, 
our missionaries bound for Chile 
left the MTC at 3:30am!

"The first day here was very busy. We drove to a lookout that overlooks Valpariso and Vina del mar. It was foggy but it was beautiful. Then we went to the Reloj de Flores and took a mission picture with the President and his wife! They are honestly incredible. I swear Predident Kahlein could be a general Authority. They are extremely strict but amazing."

"The first night here, Hermana Pendleton and I shared a room in a hotel in Viña and tried our first... a Chilean nighttime snack? ha"

"The next day we had an orientation. President speaks a lot of English, not well, but enough to get his point across. After that, we all met in the Church 4 Norte 1112 Viña del Mar for a changing meeting. A couple Elders and Hermanas bore their testimonies and then the President began to announce where everyone was assigned. The moment they call your name you have to get up and leave. So Hermana Pendleton and I never really got a goodbye.  We aren´t allowed to write other missionaries in the mission. SO could you please just let her family know, and tell her I love her and miss her a lot!!!" 

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