Monday, June 3, 2013

Children, WAKE UP!

Okay...Mom...I would give anything to sit on the back deck with you right now! Your description of home may have made me a bit trunky.... :/ But only because I miss you like crazy! ....No worries though. I am having much success here in Chile!

I am feeling very blessed to be here in Villa Alemana. We found SO MANY people this week!

Valeria and Camila were terrified to come to church this week because they had a terrible experience with some weird church here in Chile. They told us they weren´t going to come anymore and weren´t answering our phone calls. Finally, on Saturday night, Valeria called us and said she missed us and wanted to going to church with us. Sooo, Valeria and Camila came to church with us yesterday and both of them ended up in tears during Sacrament meeting! The spirit was so strong and I know they will be baptized this month!

We found a family of 6! The mom is a menas activa (I honestly forget how to say that in English) and called the Elders saying "Elders, I need help with my family! Can you please come and teach my family?" Luckily, they were in our area. Hi. Best reference ever. We are working with their son Benjamin (12) and daughter Analice (14). The dad doesn´t want anything to do with the church but every time we have come to teach, he always sits on the opposite side of the room so he can hear us. I know he´ll come around....The other 2 kids are niños and usually are asleep. They are all progressing really well! Pray for them!

There is a girl in the ward named Yessi. She is my best friend. She is so freaking funny and is the BEST missionary. If every member could be like her, the whole world would be baptized already! Her mom died of cancer when she was 12 so we connected really well. She comes to a lot of our lessons with us and her testimony is helping us so much! I´ll attach a picture of her.

Other than that, things are going really well. I absolutely love my companions. Hermana Etechgaray is literally the funniest person I´ve ever met. She says really funny, innocent things that could definitely come across as "rude" to some people but it´s never her intention. I love how sarcastic she can be. Our sense of humor is exactly the same. People refer to us has Hermana Mentida (Lie) y Hermana Chiste (joke/funny). We are always jokin´and laughin´. Hermana Beu is so pure and innocent. She doesn´t understand any of our jokes but just laughs because we are laughing. 

Scott Bryon Pendleton....I get teary eyed every time I say that name.

I am jealous you are all having a wonderful sunny summer! Enjoy it for me. We are supposedly going into winter right now but the weather is still amazing. We had two days of rain this week and that was crazy. It was raining harder than it rained when I was in Africa....and I thought that was impossible. The nights are pretty cold but the mornings are always really warm when we go out to run (yes, I make them get up and run with me). The weather is weird but....whatever. I hate working out inside. We make up really funny workouts and dances for our exercise.

Okay, I love you all dearly! Thank you for your support and all you do for me. Mama, have a beautiful birthday this week! In front of our house, there is a big D B spray painted on the wall. I always think of you every time I walk past it :) Look out for something in mail this week! I am happy Ali was able to stop by! She is amazing. Such a good friend and has been so good at supporting me here in the mission! I am so blessed.

All my love,
Hermana Chiste

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